In our atelier we offer our customers both services, even if our strength lies in the tailoring of our garments.

Let's find out together the differences between the term "made to measure" compared to "tailored".

How is a bespoke suit made?

Tailored suits are born with the aim of bridging the gap between Prêt-à-porter garments and a tailored garment. A bespoke suit is a garment made from patterns that are modified on the basis of the needs and measurements of the person who will wear the suit. Rather than starting from scratch as would happen with a tailored suit, the customer usually chooses from a few suit models which will then be adapted to his physique.

How is a tailored suit made?

What really distinguishes a tailored suit from a made-to-measure suit lies in the preparations. In the creation of a tailored garment, the tailor meets the customer to find out what their preferences and expectations are regarding the garment. Unlike a made-to-measure garment, the customer does not have to choose between options, but is limited only by her own imagination. Based on this first meeting with the designer and the seamstress, a totally personalized model is created from scratch that will adapt to every desire and shape of the customer.

Once the style of the dress has been chosen, it is time to choose the most suitable fabric for making the tailored suit, the experience and knowledge of the designer and the seamstress, even in this phase, are essential to recommend a fabric that allows for a tailored fit perfect on the basis of the model and the wishes of the customer. The variety of fabrics to choose from is much greater than for a made-to-measure suit and we also offer the possibility of commissioning a personalized fabric.

Customization, in fact, is everything in a tailored suit.


 It is probably in the final phase that the differences between a tailored suit and a made-to-measure one become clearer. Making a tailored suit requires many more measurements and fittings than a bespoke suit. Our seamstresses don't just take standard measurements, but also take note of the customer's posture and every detail of her body. Customer, designer and seamstress collaborate together in the creation of the garment, making the purchase and creation of a tailored suit a real experience that leads to a unique final garment with an impeccable fit.