Haberi is the surname of Vittoria ed Emiliana, mother and daughter with one great passion: haute couture.

Vittoria Haberi

Vittoria Haberi was born in Albania in 1961. At the age of 15 she began attending one "couture" school at the Italian nuns. In this way he learned all the most refined techniques of haute couture. After school, Vittoria becomes one "Couturier".

At 22 he won a national competition and obtained the direction of one State "boutique couture". His innate taste for fashion and his mastery in working among the most intangible and delicate fabrics, conquers an elite clientele.
Vittoria has a secret dream: the freedom to be able to express her art and hers passion for wedding and ceremony dresses that she has nourished since childhood.

Thus, in 1988 Vittoria opened her first Wedding and ceremony atelier: an enchanted place where art takes shape and women can dream of becoming princesses for one night.

The Albanian national crisis pushes Vittoria to moving to Italy in 1994. Thus began to collaborate side by side with the masters of Italian tailoring and prominent Roman high fashion designers.

2007 is the year of the turning point: Vittoria opens the first Wedding and ceremony atelier in Rome, in via Chieti. Soon his atelier is very popular great success, collaborating with internationally renowned companies and stylists.


Emiliana Haberi

Emiliana Haberi was born in Albania in 1986. At the age of 8 moves to Italy.
Mother Vittoria passed on to her passion for fashion, often taking it with him behind the scenes of the fashion shows. So Emiliana remains fascinated from a world made of silks and chiffon, sequins and embroidery.
Emiliana starts working as model for some well-known international brands, experiencing first hand the background of the catwalks.

In 2007 Vittoria opened his own Atelier in Rome: Emiliana almost as a game approaches her mother's art, soon discovering that she has one innate predisposition for the creation of haute couture dresses.

His sensitivity in the predict new trends he soon won over his mother's customers.
Emiliana, thecreative soul of the atelier, takes the same path as her mother, quickly learning the "haute couture" techniques, with dedication and artistic sensitivity. He also decides to follow a Fashion design course, although Vittoria's field work is her real plus.

Emiliana and Vittoria together give life every season to new creations they present at fashion shows, events and in the Atelier, continuing to collaborate with famous brands, photographers, stylists and artists.
In 2017 Haberi Haute Couture inaugurates the new Atelier in the heart of the historic center of Rome, in via D’Ascanio, 17.


Haberi Haute Couture

Haberi Haute Couture specializes in the creation of wedding dresses, from ceremony is haute couture.
Inside our Atelier you will also find a line Limited Edition of ready-to-wear dresses already packaged.

Each of our creations is the wise combination of inspiration, craftsmanship, tailoring skills and choice of the best fabrics. Haberi Haute Couture is capable of make every woman shine using lace and embroidery, impalpable silk and chiffon.

We are inextricably linked to tailoring, atcraftsmanship, to the garments created tailored taking care of each detail. The quality and elegance of each fabric we choose make precious ed unforgettable each of our garments.

All our creations are produced in Rome, you think tailored for each individual customer: each of us deserves attention, uniqueness, refinement and sublimation of their forms.